Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Beginner's Guide: How To Start Racing With A Dirt Bike

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Recently, we have become more and more outdoorsy. More walking, more time spent outdoors and more time having fresh air adventures. Even on our quieter weekends the boys head out on their scooters to our local skate park or we go to our local nature reserve for a stroll and to feed the ducks.

As our adventures becoming more regular we have discussed trying lots of different things and one being dirt biking, but with only one holiday experience of it, I'm unsure of where to start and what we need to know. 

Bike Bandits have created this post to share what you need to know about dirt biking and racing, so it's super handy if you're thinking of giving it a try too. 

Two people dirt biking and jumping

If you’re interested in dirt bike racing, you’ve probably been around motorcycles and have likely done your share of riding a cruiser or street model. You know about OEM bike parts and aftermarket parts and how to get the most out of your ride. Still, you may have noticed all the fun the dirt bikers have and want to try it for yourself. Not only does that make perfect sense, you are to be commended for your sense of adventure.

As a beginner, though, you may want to consider a few steps to help you on your way. Going too fast too soon can result in hurt feelings, unwise expenditures and worst of all, wasted time. So, check out these ideas to get you headed in the right direction down the dirt path.

Ride on dirt
Try out a bicycle to test your aptitude for riding on dirt. A mountain bike can give you a taste for riding off road and discovering what it’s like to ride up and down hills, over roots and even gain a little air time. If you love this style of riding, then going faster with some horsepower under you can only improve on the experience.

Look at bikes
Be warned, if you weren’t hooked before, once you start looking at bikes you are probably a lost cause. Look at the following brands:
• Honda
• Kawasaki
• Yamaha
• Suzuki
• Husqvarna

You can look for a four-stroke, a two-stroke or the electric-powered e-bikes. Plenty of excellent used models are available as riders trade up for a new technology fix.

Check out accessories 
Take a look at the best dirt bike accessories to fuel your desire. You’ll have your choice of cool riding gear to equip your body in the following items:
• Racing gloves
• Helmets
• Boots
• Pants
• Jackets
• Goggles

The best riding gear looks great, keeps you comfortable on the bike and offers some protection in case of falls. You’ll have a choice of premium riding gear that costs a paycheck or two or solid choices that are a bargain.

Find the nearest course
You may be able to find some private land that has a motocross course set up that you can use, or you can find an established track to frequent. Each venue will be different, with varying degrees of difficulty and different types of dirt, gravel, sand and hard pack to test your skills. If you feel the need to improve quickly, consider enrolling in a motocross school for lessons.

Ponder your bike
Once you are comfortable on the dirt, it’s never too early to work on your bike. For racing, it’s hard to beat OEM motorcycle fairings. Increase your speed and protection with bike armor that turns your machine into a racing beast. Fairings reduce drag, look cool and announce to the world that you are to be reckoned with. Choose from a huge selection of fairings to accomplish your dreams of racing on dirt.

Equip your bike and body
You can shop online now for OEM bike parts, riding gear and dirt bike accessories. It’s time to begin living the dirt bike racing lifestyle and have some excitement.

So, are you ready for an adventure?

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