Saturday, 20 July 2019

Nudge Eco-Friendly Board Game


We love a good board game and once our son has finally stopped the bedtime roulette of 'I'm not sleepy, I'm thirsty, I'm too hot, I'm too cold, I need the loo' etc, we try and take the time to put down our phones and do something a bit different.

Over the years we've collected a selection of board games, puzzles and playing cards and these are our usual go to's when we are looking for something that isn't tech based to do. Recently though I've become very aware that a huge majority of board games are plastic based. From the counters to the packaging there's a lot of plastic involved, but is there an alternative?

Well now there is! Nudge is a strategy based, two player game that is made from fully recyclable materials. The packaging is made up of cardboard and paper and the counters are made from bioplastic.

Nudge brown box

Nudge box next to the contents that includes cardboard game board, envelope containing counters, tied with hessian string

Setting up the game only takes a few seconds and the instructions are easy to follow, plus there's a handy link to the Nudge website on the box if you need any further info.

Reverse of the box showing instructions and the board and counters unpacked

Counters on the board

The aim of the game is to nudge your opponents counters off the board, with the person left on the board being the winner.  

Game in play

Game in play

With minimum packaging, Nudge can be quickly packed away and is ideal for travel. Ours will definitely be coming away with us over the holidays.

The best part of Nudge though, has to be how eco-friendly it is. If the time came to recycle the Nudge game, the potato-based counters would biodegrade in three to six months and the board is made from FSC certified fluted kraft board. The lack of ink and packaging minimises the environmental impact and waste. Even the postage bags are made of bioplastic and a percentage of the sales of Nudge also go to The Woodland Trust. With plastic awareness rising, games like Nudge should definitely be common place and hopefully soon will be. 

Fancy giving Nudge a try? Head over to their website here, where you can purchase the game for £9.99. 

The team behind Nudge were also kind enough to send me another set of the game, which you can win from tomorrow!

See you then.

Mummy Snowy Owl

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