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Helping Your Teenager Decide On University

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Will the next school year see your child prepare for university?

When the time comes for your teenager to start applying for universities, you’ll probably feel quite overwhelmed. As natural as that is, it’s probably nothing in comparison to how they are feeling. With that in mind, try and do your best to support and encourage your son or daughter and help take the pressure off them as much as possible by giving positive feedback. Unsure where to start when it comes to helping them select a university? Here’s some advice from a Sixth Form in Kent.

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One of the best things you can do to help your teen choose a university is show them that you trust they’ll make the right decision. Let them know that you have faith in them as this will help to ease the anxiety they’re probably experiencing. What’s more, don’t compare your own child to someone else’s because this will have the opposite affect and knock their confidence. Essentially, your aim is to help your teen with their self-assurance at a time when they’re feeling quite confused and under pressure to make such a big choice.

Help your teen by doing lots of research into different universities that offer the course they want to take, as well as the local areas. You can then go with them to each of the university open days to get a better feel for the facilities and the tutors. It might also be worth researching what sort of careers they’re likely to enter once they have graduated because this will likely sway their decision.

Talk about the positive and negative aspects of each of the university locations, because this is also a deciding factor when it comes to choosing a course. Some students like to be away from home and learn to be independent, while others want to be near their family for that added comfort and support.

Try not to nag your teenager about university as this can stress them out and make them less inclined to open up to you about it. Be sure to check in every now and again without becoming too overbearing.

University is a huge step for your child, and you too, so take things a step at time to ensure a steady transition.

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