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Helping Your Child Develop Their Social Skills

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Social skills are essential to a child’s development. Well established social skills can not only help with friendships and personal relationships, but they can also support your child throughout their life and in their future careers. Some children are naturally very sociable, while others may need a helping hand to build these invaluable skills. 

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There are many ways in which you can help your children to improve their social skills. Oaks International School have put together the following advice for parents…

Role Model
It is important that you are a good role model for your children. Be aware of how you talk to others and try to demonstrate good social skills and manners for your child to replicate. Demonstrate kindness and point out unkind behaviour in movies or stories. If you want your children to be polite, then it is important that you remember to say please and thank you too. If you make a mistake or have a disagreement with your child, be sure to apologise later on and discuss your feelings together to understand how you can avoid a similar situation in the future.

Helping your child to develop their social skills isn't simply to teach them to follow rules and remember their manners, but to inspire them to think for themselves, and learn to understand feelings; both their own and those of others. By discussing feelings and emotions with your child you can help them to learn techniques for coping with them, which will benefit them throughout their lives

Help your child to build on their social skills by introducing them to performing arts or games like charades. These are great ways to help children explore and develop their communication skills. Through dancing, singing, acting or even reading aloud, children can develop invaluable social skills for the future.

Demonstrate great social skills yourself and your child is sure to follow.

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