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Why You Should Attend School Open Days

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When it comes to choosing a new school for your child, attending open days a huge part of the process and one that shouldn’t be neglected. Touring the school and getting a feel for it in person is really important and can help make or break your decision. A prep school in Surrey explore the benefits of attending a school open day below.

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Although open days don’t give you a true reflection of what life is like at the school on an average day, they’re a great opportunity to explore the facilities, meet some of the teachers and get a feel for the atmosphere. Parents are always advised to visit several different schools so they can get a feel for each and compare the pros and cons of each.

You might be taken on a tour of the school by one of the existing pupils. This is the perfect chance for you to ask lots of questions about life at the school, how much homework there typically is, what the teachers are like, if there are lots of extra-curricular activities available etc. Whilst on your tour, take note of how well-kept and clean the building is and if you think your child will feel comfortable to learn in such an environment.

When listening to presentations from the head teacher or other members of staff, or just chatting with some of the teachers one to one, think about what they’re like as people in terms of their values. Consider whether or not they will make your child feel welcome and get on with them.

Of course, there are many other factors involved when it comes to choosing an appropriate school for your child, but open days are fantastic place to start. It might be worth going back to visit the school on a normal day when they’re not putting on a show for perspective parents. If you can't attend open days due to work or other commitments, contact the school directly and you will often be able to arrange a walk round with the head or a member of the teaching staff.

You can also review the inspection reports online or read some testimonials from parents of existing students.

School open days are often the insight you need to help you shortlist your child's school choices.

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