Wednesday 3 July 2019

19 Books For 2019 - Part-Time Working Mummy, A Patchwork Life By Rachaele Hambleton

Book two of my 19 books for 2019 has been read and it's a good one! Part-Time Working Mummy, A Patchwork Life By Rachaele Hambleton, tells the story behind the success of her blog and social media channels.

The book sat at the side of a cup of tea

Rachaele is open from the start as she details her childhood and eventful teenage years. She shares her experiences of a violent, often volatile relationship with the father of her eldest daughters and the subsequent relationship breakdowns that follow. Rachaele's story is an eyeopening insight into the life and recovery of those suffering domestic abuse. 

As well as the tear inducing low moments, there are also the laughter giving high moments as she shares her parenting experiences, as her, and her partner, Josh, build, link and create their patchwork family. 

As someone who is also from a patchwork family, ours made up of half and step siblings, I was keen to see how or if our lives were similar to Rachaele's. Although elements of my life are very different to hers, there are elements that are relatable and a key part of that is that regardless of past relationships, the family makeup and if you're step, half or full siblings, they stand together as one big family. A big patchwork family, which is really quite beautiful.

If you're a social media follower of Rachaele's or not, A Patchwork Life, is a great read. Whether it's an insight into patching a family together or an encouraging story of a woman that rebuilds her life and rises from the ashes of domestic violence, Part-Time Working Mummy, A Patchwork Life is a must read.

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