Friday, 19 July 2019

The Importance Of Sports Day In Schools

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Summer is here and that means many schools are preparing for their sports day activities, but what exactly is sports day and why is it such a big part of school life? 

St. Hilda’s School in Harpenden have put together some of the key benefits of sports day and explain why this special day should be celebrated by students, staff and parents…

Children at the starting line for a race, holding batons

Sports days are a great way to end the school year, playing outdoor sports in the sunshine, with family and friends cheering on from the side-lines. They are a chance for pupils to show off their sporting skills and compete in various races and athletic events.

Many schools divide children into different house teams for sports day, which helps to add a little competition to the event and encourage plenty of team spirit. Students can gain points for their house team by performing well in the events. At the end of the sports day these points are added up and the winner is announced. Some schools even present a trophy to the winning house team.

Sports days are not only a great way to encourage children to take part in physical activities, but they can also help them to develop certain social and life skills. These skills include teamwork and respect for others, as well as how to cope in a competitive environment. Furthermore, by achieving goals such as winning races or team challenges, children can experience a boost in self-confidence.

School sports days are designed to be fun, challenging and rewarding and should encourage all children to engage in sport and follow an active lifestyle.

To ensure there is an activity for everyone, it is a good idea for schools to include a mixture of traditional sporting activities, as well as some more fun and unusual challenges. These could include a themed obstacle course or a water balloon toss! 

There's lots of fun to be had at Sports Day. Have you joined in and ran in the parents race?

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