Tuesday 31 January 2017

Book of the week!

There are lots of books about Mummies. Mummy animals, Mummy Pig and us human mummies all feature heavily in baby and toddler books.

The more Joseph became a bookworm, the more I realised we had plenty of Mummy books but not any Daddy books! So, when I spotted I love my daddy in our local WH Smith I bought it straight away and gifted it to my husband as part of his Father's Day present from Joseph.

"A book about Daddies" he exclaimed when he opened it. He and Joseph read it lots that week and it's become a favourite again recently. That's why this week's book of the week is I love my daddy.

By Giles Andreae and Emma Dodd, I love my daddy is all about why daddies are great and why we love them.

The little character that leads us through the book tells us why they love their Daddy so much. I say character as it's not clear if its a boy or girl with the neutral hair and clothing but that's part of what is good about this book. Its not a book just for girls or boys its for both as both can love their Daddy!

A lot of the scenes will apply to the Daddy (or Daddy figure) in your little ones life. 

'I love my daddy, yes I do, he's very kind - and funny too.'

'He lets me clamber on his back, and we play horsies - click clack clack.'

'For treats, when mummy's not at home, we sometimes watch TV alone!'

With soft and bright illustrations and the lovely tales of why we love Daddy, it is a really kind hearted and lovely book to have in your collection.

I got ours from WH Smith last year but its currently available from Amazon for £5.99, link to the right.


Mummy Snowy Owl

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