Saturday 28 January 2017

Chopsticks Challenge

Here's a great little activity for you to try and its ideal for Chinese New Year. It's very simple, cheap and easy to do!

A selection of bowls filled with different items and little hand using chopsticks, trying  to pick them up

You will need
  • Chopsticks (Prices range from 50p to £1.50 from your local take away)
  • Selection of small items from around the house. We used grapes, marshmallows, dried pasta and dice.
  • Bowls, plates or cups for your items.
Pair of chopsticks, laid over four bowls containing grapes, uncooked pasta, marshmallows and dice

Place a few of each of the items into the bowls, remembering to chop or peel fruit as required in case your little ones want to eat them!

Show your little one how to use the chopsticks and then let them have a go.

Little boy using chopsticks

Chopsticks being used along with the bowls

Toddler using the chopsticks with the bowls 

Chopsticks being used by a toddler

It is really that simple.Obviously, you can change the activity slightly. Maybe have all food or all non-food. Maybe have all Chinese food or just move the items from bowl to bowl and not eat them. What you use is completely up to you but if you're on a budget just use what you have!

We sat for at least half and hour moving things around with the chopsticks and trying to pick up the food. I was really impressed with how well Joseph sat and tried to use them. 

Toddler using the chopsticks

He even managed to pick up a marshmallow and put it in his mouth!

Toddler using chopsticks to eat marshmallows  Toddler using chopsticks to eat marshmallows

Give it a go and check out your little ones chopsticks skills. You might be impressed!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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