Tuesday 17 January 2017

Book of the week!

This week's book of the week is the amazing Before You Sleep.

Before you sleep illustration

By Benji Bennett, Before You Sleep, is a truly beautiful story to read to you child before bed. It is unusually and stunningly illustrated by Roxanne Burchartz, with images that bring the story to life.

As you open the book you read about Adam, a beautiful blonde haired boy, and angel, that lives on a cloud. He sends a message everyday to enjoy your time together and show each other love. 

We see Adam in the illustrations throughout the book, with the story starting and continuing throughout as a read aloud tribute and declaration of love to your little one. A new scene and adventure spreads across each of the double pages, with scenes at the beach, space and the sea featuring. 

Inside the book with space illustration

To say I like this book is an understatement. I love it. The aim of this book isn't just to sell a few copies. It is to remind you of what being a family is all about and the importance of play, love and laughter. 

My parenting day has been a bit tough today. I have been repeatedly jumped on, dragged and pulled. I've had chocolate smeared on me and a dinosaur rammed into my face. I felt a bit crap. To calm the boisterous behaviour we picked a book and as Joseph became fascinated by the pictures I found myself becoming a little emotional.

Little boy reading the book

It doesn't matter how many times he rams a dinosaur into my chin or jumps on me, I love him. I love him more than anything. 

I am thankful for this book reminding me of that. 

Consider adding it to your collection. You never know when you may need that piece of clarity.

Our copy was a Christmas gift from Granny, who was lucky enough to meet the author, Benji Bennett at Tatton Park last year. You can get yours from Amazon. Link to the right. 

To read more about the author and Adam click here.

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