Tuesday 3 January 2017

Recycle Upcycle Christmas Cards - Tags

The decorations are down and you've got a stack of Christmas cards to dispose of but what do you do with them? 

Throw them in the bin? 

Pile of Christmas cards

How about turning them into something you can use again? Or multiple things you can use again?

Well, I'm going to bring you three crafts this week to use up your cards!

First you'll need to split them into three piles. Make one pile for cards that look like they would make good tags. Make another for those that would make good window scene cards. When I say window scenes, imagine the card with a window frame around it. Would it make a good looking in or out card? If it would put those in a separate pile. In the third and final pile put the cards that don't fit the first two piles. Maybe you don't like the pictures or they're printed both inside and out.

Christmas cards sorted into three piles

Now, to start with we are going to make the tags and for this you will need.
  • Your pile of cards suitable for tags
  • Scissors
  • A hole-punch OR sticky tape
  • String or ribbon 
Pile of Christmas cards along with scissors, ribbon, string, tape and a hole punch

Cut out the part of the card that you want to use as a tag, which is usually the feature of the card. You can either cut directly against the picture or leave a gap. 

Christmas card wording cutout into a tag

Cut your string or ribbon to the length that you would like. If you have a hole-punch make a hole and thread the string or ribbon through it. If you don't you can simply tape it to the back. 

Tag being hole punched  Tag with a piece of string threaded through the new hole

Another card cut into a tag  Card with string taped to the back

If you don't have any string, ribbon, a hole-punch or tape you can just do the cutting out and simply stick them on to your presents next Christmas. 

Once you've done all your cutting and threading you are done. 

Pile of homemade Christmas tags

A pile of handmade Christmas tags A pile of handmade Christmas tags

Put them somewhere safe and try and remember them for next year! I've put mine in a festive M&S shortbread tin!

Pile of tags in tin

If you're not sure if this craft is really for you consider how much money it could save. Yes, tags aren't expensive from the usual supermarkets but the cost soon adds up. I've probably made enough tags to cover us for the next three years plus!

Pile of homemade Christmas tags

If that doesn't sell it to you imagine how much time your children could spend cutting them out if you give it to them to do.............


Mummy Snowy Owl

P.S. Younger children should obviously be supervised with scissors!

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  1. I do this every year and my parents do it too! We just use sellotape to stick them on. Fun trying to find the interesting bits of cards to use #anythinggoes