Thursday 26 January 2017

Fred's Box

Created by Mum Clare, Fred's Box, is a unique gifting service that offers one off and three, six and twelve month subscriptions of minifigures. 

We were lucky enough to receive one this week and I really wanted to share it with you!

Our Fred's Box arrived super quick and was through the door the day after the order was placed.

White box with a 'Fred's Box' label on the lid

Joseph spotted the bright yellow label and did an "oooooooooo" as he did his usual mail collection from the door mat. 

When I told him the little box was for him he did a little dance as he called "me, me, meeeeeeeeeee".

A little box with a box in his hand

So we sat ourselves down and opened up the box. What did it have to offer? 

A little boy opening a box  A little boy opening a box with mini figures inside

A little boy opening a box with mini figures inside

Box containing two star wars mini figures

Little boy with mini figures in his hand

Inside were two Star Wars themed Lego figures and I, sorry Joseph, was excited to find Chewbacca and Han Salo in our box!

There was lots of excitement, dancing about and duels between Chewbacca and Han Salo on and off for a good couple of hours. This commenced again when Daddy was shown our Fred's Box today! I did try and explain to Joseph that Chewbacca and Han Salo wouldn't fight each but this fell on deaf ears. He might be too young for The Force vs The Dark Side conversation!
Little boy playing with the mini figures  Little boy playing with the mini figures

I really love this gift idea. I have quite a few friends with sons and even though I now have my own I struggle to know what to buy them. Fred's Box fills that gap. With super quick dispatch and fast delivery these fab boxes are also great if you've forgotten a birthday and need to get a present out ASAP! 

Star Wars figures in the Fred's Box box

Themes change on a monthly basis and range from Harry Potter to Disney. They're compatible with all leading brand blocks and you can include a handwritten card too! Plus at only £4.85 what's not to love! 

Try a Fred's Box. Its a little box of excitement!

Mummy Snowy Owl

Item gifted

P.S - Take a look at their Facebook page for their fab competition! 

Updated 05.04.18 - Fred's Box no longer offer a mini figures subscription BUT they still have lots of amazing things! 

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