Sunday 15 January 2017

Charity Spotlight Update - Heidi Luckraft / Dazzle

Back in October I featured Heidi as my charity of the month as part of my Charity Spotlight blogs. 

Battling Lyme Disease, her and her family were, and still are, desperate to raise funds for her treatment abroad.

Heidi lays ill in a hospital bed

With her condition deteriorating and her first target reached, Heidi and her husband dashed to Germany last week to start treatment. Making arrangements to release the funds took longer than expected and arrangements were made for loans and remortgages to cover costs until the money cleared. With the money received the rush of relief had a sting in its tail.

JustGiving had taken a bigger chunk than expected a £4,000 chunk in fact.

Whether this be JustGivings error and slyness or a misunderstanding over fees, it has caused a HUGE upset for Heidi, her husband, family and friends.

She is now lying in a hospital bed under an upsetting amount of stress as she worries that she may not have the funds to cover all of her treatment. 

So, I ask again, no I beg, for your help.

If you can, no matter how big or small the amount, please donate towards Heidi's cause and treatment.

Only this time give JustGiving a super wide berth and send payments directly to her via PayPal. The email address you'll need is Select friends and family when sending funds to avoid charges.

Thank you

Mummy Snowy Owl

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