Sunday 15 January 2017

Fancy trying food dehydration?

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January is full of health kicks, fitness and resolutions. There's so many to choose from but which is for you?

Well, how about food dehydration?

Green and yellow fruit and veg, chopped and in a flatlay

Using a food dehydrator to dry out your food is something that has gained popularity over the last couple of years but what's it all about and where do you start? Can you buy a food dehydrator without blowing the budget? 

Food dehydrators come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There's stacked, which is made up of racks and there's the box and shelf type, which is composed of an outer shell and racks.

When making a picking a dehydrator you need to consider a couple of factors. 

  • What size
  • If you'd like stackable or box
  • Which passage of air you want (top, bottom or sides)
  • How much you want to adjust it
  • The type of plastic its made of
  • How portable you need it to be
  • Price
If you're still not sure take a look here for recommendations.

Now, the benefits of putting one of these to use is your food remains full of the same amount of minerals and vitamins as it would fresh. It can also last for a very, very long time. Years in fact, if stored correctly. 

Food dehydration isn't just for fruit either. It can be used for vegetables, herbs and even meat! Meaning you can make anything from healthy crisps, apple flakes to beef jerky. 

A food dehydrator is a great piece of kit for a healthier lifestyle and I believe for a more sustainable one too. Imagine you've got a homegrown crop of fruit but you don't want to freeze it or you've used half a pepper or onion and won't be using the rest it for a few days. Again, that's when you can use the dehydrator.

For more information on food dehydration click here.

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