Wednesday 25 January 2017

Movie of the week!

A few months ago we caught the end of one of the Despicable Me films and Joseph took a shine to Gru's yellow little assistants, the Minions. From this he developed a little love for them and we've been watching Minions here and there for the last couple of months but this week is has become an obsession! 

That's why Minions is our movie of the week! 

Minions poster

Not see it? 

The film opens with the evolution of the Minions from water dwellers to land livers, whilst constantly looking for a boss. 

As expected Minion errors lead to a loss of bosses so Stuart, Kevin and Bob venture from the icy cave they've been living in and head off into the world to find a new boss. After discovering their trademark dungarees on a washing line they spend the night in a shopping mall. Picking up the signal to the secret villainous TV channel advertising the Comic Con style, Villain Con.

Hitchhiking a ride to Orlando with villain family The Nelsons, they discover their ideal new boss, Scarlet Overkill. 

They head to London with Scarlet and this is where their adventure really begins, as Scarlet makes a bid for the crown and to become the Queen of England.

Minions is a laugh a minute, with the voices of Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm and the fab Jennifer Saunders adding to the entertainment. Narration by Geoffrey Rush adds to the hilariousness of the movie.

Its easy to watch over and over and over again! Our favourite part is probably the dancing security guards. Joseph loves to boogie along. I also like the introduction of Norbet! 

We currently have ours on repeat via the Sky box but you can get a copy from Amazon for a bargain £4.85 (link to the right).


Mummy Snowy Owl

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