Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Movie of the week!

A grown up (well nearly) movie of the week this time!! On a day off we managed to get the DIY done quicker than expected and with the monkey at nursery we slotted in a date to the cinema. The actual cinema! 

Star Wars has been a long favourite of hubs and he introduced me to it as Attack of the Clones was released. Back then we binged watched them before heading to the cinema and have seen each one since, and repeatedly. We had planned to see The Force Awakens at the cinema but as many parents will know going to the cinema or out at all becomes something of a military operation! So, we ended up waiting until it was shown on Sky Movies.

We were keen to see Rogue One at the cinema so when the opportunity arose we made sure we did. 

I am so happy we got the chance to see it as it was bloody ace! So ace it's my movie of the week!

Staring Felicity Jones, Diego Luna and Forest Whitaker, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is a prequel to every other Star Wars film. 

As the film opens we see Jyn as a little girl, along with her parents, Galen and Lyra, hiding on Lah'mu. Orson Krennic soon arrives to pressure Galen into returning to his work on the Death Star. Lyra is killed in the process and Jyn is forced to hide as her father is taken away. She is soon rescued by Rebel extremist, Saw Gerrera. 

Flash forward 15 years and we meet a grown up Jyn now a prisoner, as she encounters Cassian Andor for the first time. The story develops as they seek to reconnect with Saw and receive a message from Galen via an Empire defector. 

Now, I won't say much more in case you still intend to see it but I will tell you that the story keeps going at a good pace and answers a big question re the Death Star. They are plenty of new characters and some familiar faces to keep you entertained, with archive footage and amazing CGI used. Many critics, and some fans, questioned and disliked this but it didn't bother me at all. 

Rogue One sets up the previous films and it answers questions and asks a few too. It's made me excited for what The Last Jedi will bring.

Oh, and bring tissues for the ending.

I am one with the Force. The Force is with me.

Mummy Snowy Owl

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