Tuesday 21 February 2017

Book of the week!

With so much going on at home Joseph has spent the time we've had with his toys, running round, being boisterous and well, just being a boy, so the reading of books has been a rarity. When it has happened though the books have been the same as Joseph, noisy! 

So, this week's book of the week is Noisy Pirates!

Made by Igloo Books, Noisy Pirates, is the standard noisy book with sound buttons down the side. 

When someone gives your child one of these to the child you're saying "wow, that's great" but in your head you're thinking "oh bloody brilliant"!!

As noisy books go though it's not too bad. The jolly pirate tunes make it quite entertaining as you read about Captain Starboard and his pirates as they board the Jolly Cutlass and set off on an adventure.

Encountering other pirates and a storm they make their way to a mysterious island to find buried treasure. 

 There is so much to see on every single page of this book. It is full and bursting of colour and activity.

Noisy Pirates is a great book to keep the kids entertained, as long as you can handle the noise of course!

Ours was a gift and unfortunately I can't find it anywhere online but there's lots of other versions available at Amazon.


Mummy Snowy Owl

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