Friday, 24 February 2017

Snack healthy with Kiddylicious!

My little boy is two years old and he loves snacks and treats! He'll point at our snack cupboard repeatedly through the day and say "please Mumma, please, I get bowl".

Red haired toddler holding a small orange plastic bowl

It's easy though to get stuck in a rut when it comes to choice. The same packs of raisins, a rice cake or a soggy banana can make it a bit boring and if you're in a rush it can be tempting to grab naughty prepacked snacks. But what's the alternative?

Well, when we were preparing for our holiday in the Lake District last September I was keen for something a bit more natural, but still tasty, to go into Joseph's snack packs. We had all the usual suspects in the bag but I wanted something healthier and easy. A quick browse round Boots brought me to the Kiddylicious section and I bought a couple of packs of Fruit Wriggles.

Joseph loved him them so we were super excited when the fab people over at Kiddylicious sent us some more goodies to try. As well as Wriggles there was also Smoothie Melts to try.

Selection of healthy, Kiddylicious snacks on a chopping board

Smoothie Melts are bite size bubbly pieces that melt in the mouth. They are super tasty and taste just like a fruit smoothie! I know as I may have tried a sneaky piece! As they melt there's also much less chances of any choking! Phew!!!

Kiddylicious banana, mango and passion fruit smoothie melts

Blackcurrant and apple smoothie melts  Strawberry and banana smoothie melts

Their Fruit Wriggles are like very thin pieces of liquorice. Again they are super tasty, as well as ideal for little hands.

Strawberry fruit wriggles  Apple fruit wriggles

Kiddylicious fruit wriggles

One of the things I really love about Kiddylicious is that, apart from fruit, they are probably the most natural and pure snacks you can get. No added sugar, no artificial additives, are gluten free and as they're packed with fruit they are also one of your five a day! This makes them ideal for those parents that struggle to get their little ones to eat fruit, as kids can be obliviously to the fact that they aren't a bag of sweets and are actually fruit!

Kiddylicious give you are a healthy way to let your little ones snack. You can treat them without the worry that comes when you give them a bag sweets. Are they full of sugar? Will the E numbers make them wild and turn them a bit feral?!

There's still more to tell you about the great Kiddylicious and I'll share more in the next week or so. 

In the meantime head over to the Kiddylicious website to find out more about their snack range and definitely give them a try! Joseph is definitely a fan.

Red haired toddler with a bowl full of snacks and one in his mouth!


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