Wednesday 22 February 2017

Movie of the week!

Babs is a bit robot obsessed lately and when he spotted this week's movie of the week on the Sky planner there was lots of "me, me, robot please" and we've now watched it frequently over the last week.

It's a Disney and Pixar classic and it's this week's movie of the week. It's WALL-E.

Released in 2008, WALL-E is the story of a robot trash compactor left behind to clean up Earth when it's abandoned due a build up of rubbish. 

As the last remaining working robot WALL-E carries on his duties, compacting rubbish and saving and filing items he believes important. Among these items are rubber ducks, lighters and plastic cutlery but one day WALL-E finds a seedling. He takes it home but is soon joined unexpectedly by robot, EVE. 

WALL-E is fascinated by the EVE probe and shows her the seedling but she soon takes it, becomes unresponsive and leaves on the ship that has brought her to Earth. WALL-E immediately chases after her and his adventure begins.

Meanwhile in space the humans live aboard a ship, have lost their ability to walk and have become obese. Will they ever be ready to return to Earth?

WALL-E is a film that is easy to watch and with little in the shape of talking for the first hour I find it really draws you into the film. Little ones are fascinated by the little robot and his new found love and with lots of laughs along the way you maybe too.

Not seen it? You can catch it on demand on Sky Cinema if you're Sky customer or you can find it on Amazon for £6.99.


Mummy Snowy Owl

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