Thursday 14 October 2021

Creative Ideas For A Very Crafty Christmas!!

So, you want to be crafty and a bit creative this Christmas!! Looking for ideas?? I've got you covered. We love a craft, even more if it's a festive one!! So, here's a selection of Creative Ideas For A Very Crafty Christmas!! 

Over at Life with Jupiter and Dann, they've got creative and made their own Christmas jumpers. Thread, sequins, pompoms and bells all played their part in making their new festive wear. How cute are their creations!

Homemade Christmas jumper covered in thread, glitter, sequins, ribbons and bells

Our next creative idea makes a great gift. Our Kind of Crazy shares a thoughtful and homemade gift idea for your loved one. A Date Night Jar is super easy to do and shows a commitment to your loved one to spend some special time with them.  

Sticks full of dates ideas, alongside a jar labelled date night jar

Over at The Heaton Family, they've been getting creative and crafty by making these great wooden Christmas decorations!! I've made similar with my Brownie pack before and they are a great homemade addition to your Christmas tree. I also think grandparents would love them as a little extra gift too!

Decorated wooden Christmas decorations

Life in Full Flavour recommends getting festive and creative by baking up some treats, in the shape of these yummy Vanillekipferl recipe. They look and sound delicious and I'm definitely adding them to my Christmas baking list. 

Vanillekipferl made and ready to eat

Another way to get crafty is to make your own decorations and these mini Christmas trees by Life with Jupiter and Dann make great cute additions to your Christmas decorations and are great for older kids to make.
Handmade little Christmas trees
If you loved the thoughtful creative gift from Our Kind of Crazy further up this post, you'll also love these Open When letters. The idea is that you write a selection of letters and give them to your loved to read when they need them. For example you might write one that's for them to read when they need a reminder of how awesome or to remind them of a fond memory. 

Letters with different occasions written on the front

To finish off I'm going to share my ideas, which actual help you use this Christmas to get ready for the next one and it involves your Christmas cards. Reuse, upcycle and remake your Christmas cards to use them again. 

Homemade Christmas cards

So, now you've got a bunch of ideas for a very creative and crafty Christmas!!! What are you going to make??

Mummy Snowy Owl

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