Sunday 24 October 2021

The Benefits Of Extracurricular Activities For Children

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Extracurricular activities are hugely beneficial for children, with multiple advantages and ways a child is improving their personal development, as well as preparing children for the challenges they could face in the future. For some key benefits extracurricular activities have on children, read this guide from an independent school in Hammersmith to help you understand its importance in schools.

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Improved Confidence

Children are more likely to feel a boost in their self esteem through regular team-based activity, which is a main part of the majority of extracurricular activities. From sports like football or hockey, to art clubs where children can do a range of different things as a group, there are many ways a child’s confidence is improved through joining an extracurricular club.

Improved Social Skills

As a part of their confidence improving over time, children tend to need to converse with people they may not have spoken to before, or even students they don’t particularly like. But it’s all a part of earning respect between kids - increased communication with their peers allows them to understand problems and how to solve them effectively.

Builds Transferable Skills For Children

Extracurricular activities are able to test a child’s abilities to think critically, make important decisions and work together as a team. All of these skills and more can be transferred to the classroom and make them work much more diligently when it comes to their studies. They can also improve upon skills they’re already adopted from other activities and apply them to different scenarios.

Challenges Their Resilience

Being able to face failure, dodging obstacles and making mistakes are a part of a lot of extracurricular activities, especially when children are first starting out. Teachers can give them plenty of pointers to help them with their progress and build a child’s resilience through problem solving and varying challenges.

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