Thursday 28 October 2021

The Importance Of English Literature In Education

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English literature is an important part of a child’s development. It not only teaches us the foundations of speech, reading and writing, but also gives children the chance to be inquisitive and curious about the world.

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When we grow older, English Literature becomes a compulsory subject for students and can be taken right up to A Level and then onto degree level. There’s a clear interest in English Literature and the many skills it brings to students, which is why this boarding school in Dublin has put together a guide showcasing the importance of the subject.

It Opens A Child’s Creativity

English Literature is focused on the stories and how novels are brought to life, as well as analysing the meaning behind certain choices to reflect the mood of a scene in a story. These give students the chance to feel immersed in the fictional world they’re reading about and understand different characters and their individual struggles. Children can often feel enticed to do their own creative writing or delve into reading more often as a result of well-told stories in Literature.

Prepares Students For The Future In Their Studies

English alone is a subject that lays the foundation for a lot of other subjects taught at schools. Students need to have a decent grasp of grammar, spelling and punctuation ready for their GCSEs and A Levels - both of which have very heavy essay-based exams. History, Business Studies, ICT and Religious Studies are just a sample of subjects that use essays to answer questions in an exam.

Improves Their Communication Skills

Communicating with others doesn’t just have to be through speech - it can be written too. Students practice ways of communication through comprehension exercises, theorising what could happen next in a story and putting together succinct essay-based answers for review. English Literature is a very creative medium and is open for students to take in different elements and communicate in intelligent ways.

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