Thursday 7 October 2021

What To Do With Your Old Books!!

I love a declutter!!! The tidiness, the clean and freshness that comes with it. Sometimes going through the clutter can be a bit painful!!! You might struggle to part with things.

This is one of the reasons I like the Marie Kondo method. But even with this I struggle to part with books. Even if I've read them over and over, and might not read them again, I still struggle with parting with them.

But I know some keen crafters that use books to upcycle and create amazing things. So if you struggle to part with books too and you're a little crafty, here's some ideas for What To Do With Your Old Books!!

Pile of books

Our first idea is from Tales of Belle. Getting crafting and using half used notebooks and some old books, Karalee used a Japanese notebook craft to reuse her books. 

Creating new notebooks and journals is a great way to to make use of old books, but also to make sure old notepads don't get thrown away.

Home made notebook, made with book pages

Next, is an idea I came up with a couple of years ago as part of World Book Day. I used a few of my favourite pages from Peter Pan, along with some stamps and crafty bits to create a bit of wall art for my office. 

Framed wall art, which is a book page from Peter Pan with Happy Thoughts written across it along with a Peter Pan book

Another crafty blogger that's tried the Japanese notebook method is Joanne Dewberry. As her method was a little different to the other one mentioned, I thought I'd share it. 

Adding some artwork to the cover really finishes the books beautifully and makes them super unique. Joanne made her notebooks as gifts and I love that she also personalised her covers with the receivers name.

Notebook made with book pages with heart shaped art on the front.

Do you have a crafty and creative way that you upcycle and reuse books? Share in the comments.

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