Sunday 31 October 2021

Buying Super Cool Gifts With Wicked Uncle!!!

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Birthdays, Christmases, treats, rewards, special occassions. There's lots of reasons to buy a gift or two. 

Wrapped gift

Gift buying can sometimes be a little bit stressful can't it? You might not know what the recipient likes, what their hobbies or interests are. That's when you can start to slip into the habit of buying gifts that could be rushed, might not come across as thoughtful or you may end up buying what I call easy gifts.

You might find yourself buying your mum toiletries or flowers and your dad socks or some sort of 'for men' style shaving kit. With kids you might end up buying a football or something dinosaur related, maybe a Barbie or book they could already have.

Maybe you're the Aunty that's a little bit 'extra' (like me) and want an awesome gift, or an uncle that doesn't really have a clue (my husband) and you need a bit of gifting advice. 

The team at Wicked Uncle have got you 100% covered!!! Based in Elveden in the UK, they are basically the equivalent to Santa type little elf helpers! Let's be honest we could all use some elf style help!! 

Wicked Uncle does the gift searching hard work so you don't have to. The toys are tested by a team of kid testers, so they know exactly how they work and if they're good enough quality to make little ones happy and entertained. 

Baby playing with wooden toy

Toys are unboxed and played with. Robots are built and fairies are painted. They take it that extra mile!! To add to that they can also send you a gift reminder every year, can wrap and even include a handwritten card. I personally love that they do this as it really takes the hassle out of the gift buying and the last few times I've bought things I've somehow managed to forget gift wrap and cards??!!!!

What makes them pretty much perfect for your kid related gift buying is the ace website. Toys are categorised into age, so you easily find something for the child you're buying for. There's also a section next to the age groups where you can pick from popular searches like Adventurer, Creativity, Fashion and Style and New Ideas. 

From baby to 15 years upwards, there's tonnes of choice. From classic baby toys, like wooden stackers to something noisy to drive the new parents crazy, they'll be something for to gift to a new baby.

Baby playing with a wooden stacking toy

For older kids there's rockets to be launched, books about farts, cars to be built, tea sets to be played with and piano dance mats to be boogied on. There's magic poos, model and baking kits, board games and puzzles.  Honestly, you will never ever be short of ideas for when browsing Wicked Uncle.

With the easy to use categories you can also find gifts based on interests. This is ideal if you're a parent with a child who goes to lots of parties. I always ask the parent or child's grownup what characters they like or what their interests are, then go on a gift hunt. So, the unique gifts offered against each category makes Wicked Uncle an ideal place to buy your party gifts. 

Looking to get your gift buying in order? To shop with Wicked Uncle head over to the website here

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