Sunday 31 October 2021

Christmas At Home Vs Christmas Abroad!!

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Christmas!! A time for for being festive, having fun and being with family and friends. For some, it's also a time for adventures and travel!!

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Personally, I've never had a Christmas away from home, but I know plenty of people that have. 

Tropical Christmases with sunshine and clear blue seas, drinking cocktails and lazing in hammocks. Snowy Christmases in New York or Canada, making snow angels and warming up next to open fires. They've all been popular with our friends.

But I'm a little undecided! As a family we keep to ourselves on Christmas Day. It's just me, my husband and our son. We like to get up and do the day at our own speed. I've always felt that going away for Christmas could restrict your day a little or be a lot of hassle when it comes to moving presents around. I know for some people it ends up with you having an extra Christmas before or after you go abroad.

So, I asked those that have traveled overseas at Christmas whether they'd do it again or not, and here's the results!!!

Vikki from blog, Fruit Picking Farms Near You, is a passionate traveler and along with her family has spent many Christmases abroad. They enjoy the magic of experiencing the different cultures and countries and what Christmas means to them. They had some special moments and have even adapted their Christmas to include traditions that they have experienced around the world.

Over at blog, It's Me Chrissy J, Chrissy has also experienced Christmas abroad and has spent time in Cape Verde and Cuba. They've enjoyed Christmas abroad so much that her and family may never spend Christmas at home again!

Catherine at Wales With Kids, has ventured abroad for Christmas with her family but won't be doing it again. Although, the holiday was OK, they found the Christmas dinner chaotic and as much as the hotel had tried to make things festive, it simply wasn't the same. They've spent Christmas at home ever since.

Tales of Belle blogger, Karalee is from the US, but has spent her past few Christmases in Denmark and would love to spend more there. From a special TV advent that's enjoyed by all the family, to the food and wine make it a special experience. 

Am I tempted to experience a Christmas away from home? Most definitely! But for me I think I'd have to try somewhere very snowy, somewhere a little Hallmark like!!

Have you spent a Christmas abroad? Did you enjoy it or not? Let me know in the comments!

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