Sunday 17 October 2021

Dino Kingdom Adventures!!!

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Lots of kids love dinosaurs and after watching every single Jurassic Park movie ever made, my son is also a fan!

What would many dinosaur fans like to do? Well, they'd like to see them up close! We were given that chance by the team at Dino Kingdom!!

Little boy standing in front of a rock dino kingdom sign

Dino Kingdom offers the chance to get up close with a selection of dinosaurs! Some statue like and some animatronics! 

Boy standing in front of a tall rock and dino shaped sculpture

On arrival we found there was a path to follow and we made our way along it to meet the dinosaurs.

Boy looking at a dinosaur

There's plenty of opportunities to meet the dino guests and chance to snap some photos. 

Boy standing in front of a dinosaur

Alongside each dinosaur there is a plaque with it's name and facts. As I mentioned, some of the dinosaurs are animatronics and they are triggered by a nearby sensor, so if you're quick you'll be able to snap a picture as it moves.

Boy standing in front of a dinosaur

There's also the opportunity to snap a photo in a dinosaurs mouth at the end, which our son and my husband loved. I think latter more so!!

Father and son sitting in a dinosaur mouth

Mother and son standing in front of a dinosaur

As you reach the end of your dinosaur walk, there is a funfair on offer, as well as a number of food stalls. These obviously carry additional charges so many sure you're prepared! There's also some interactive tents and a craft station setup! Plus there's the amazing T-Rex to see!

Boy standing in front of a T-Rex

Our visit was on one of the first days and it was clearly very popular. As with a lot of popup events, there were a few teething problems but I do think these are unfortunately pretty standard when visiting places like this in the UK. For example, there is always only one set of toilets, always a queue and always a high chance there's a blockage and no toilet roll!! So, take tissue!!  

Visiting Dino Kingdom is a great chance for kids to meet the dinosaurs, learn some dino facts and have some fun. We especially liked the more woodland part where there were even dinosaurs in the sky!

Mum, Dad and son standing in front of dinosaurs

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