Wednesday 27 October 2021

A Parents' Guide To A-Levels

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A levels are a big jump up from GCSEs, and can also be quite complicated for parents who often feel out of the loop. Ultimately, your child can be thrown into the deep end due to the jump from their last exams. But fear not, as this guide from this A Level College will show you all you need to know about A levels and what to be prepared for.

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Before The Year Begins

Your child has just finished off their GCSEs and is keen to go to the next level, whether that means going to Sixth Form or attending college to work on their A Levels, then they’ll need to choose their subjects first.

Usually your child will have a fairly rough idea of what they want to study; they’ll be given a form to fill out that asks them which 4 subjects they want to take at AS level. After one year of study at AS level, they’ll be asked to drop one of those 4 subjects to focus on 3 A levels.

The Curriculum

A levels are notoriously harder than GCSEs and are used as a main determiner for university places. Your child should keep ahold of the work they did in their GCSEs for their A levels, especially the material for the subjects they chose to study at a higher level. These will give them a head start in their first few weeks of study and lay the foundations for their first year. Your child should also be prepared for a lot more revision in order to keep up with the rest of the class.

University Prospects

If your child performs well in their A levels, the next step is to head to university. If your child has a particular interest in a subject they want to study at university, they will be walked through the UCAS process and shown which courses they might want to apply for. Their final grades will determine which university will accept them and are usually confirmed the same day as results day.

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