Thursday 21 October 2021

Helping Your Child Become More Confident

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Being confident in all you do is part of a child’s personal development. It’s a great way of building their communication skills, build ways of being a part of an effective team and have the chance to form new friendships. In this guide from a boarding school in Hertfordshire we take a look at some ways you can boost your child’s confidence.

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Let Your Child Try New Things

You should encourage your child to try new things and find what makes them passionate. Your child might have a few friends who are trying new things and will be keen to try them out for themselves. Let them explore! If your child doesn’t enjoy it, then at least they know what they like and what they don’t like, and they’re more likely to find their passions through trial and error. Confidence comes from the fact your child can try a lot of different activities at any one time whilst finding something that wholly interests them.

Avoid Complaining, Remain Positive

Being overly negative can make your child feel more reserved and unlikely to try new things and make friends, especially if parents are too strict on what they’re allowed to do. Having a more positive outlook, by letting them hang out with their friends after school, joining a club or society, or giving them personal responsibilities, all factor into their confidence and self-esteem.

Challenge Your Child In Inviting Ways

If there’s a way to test your child’s skills, bring it into their daily routines. There are a number of ways problem solving can help your child with different situations, such as handling disagreements, completing chores on their own initiative and even quick maths sums at the restaurant. Give them more exciting ways to challenge thoughts too, like going to an outdoor activity centre with the family to overcome physical obstacles whilst also having fun with your child.

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