Wednesday, 24 October 2018

My Favourite Halloween Bakes & Crafts

Over the past few years I've written and created lots of Halloween posts. With lots to make and bake, most are budget things to try at Halloween and as lots of you love them I thought I'd share my favourite ones here for you so you don't need to search around anymore!

Chalk board with Halloween written on it as its surrounded in pumpkins and candles

First is......

A jelly in the shape of a brain with string sweets inside it

Who knew jelly could create such a gruesome dessert?? I certainly didn't! Use with a brain shaped mold and add sweets for an awesome brainy treat!

Glass jars, with bandages around and googly eyes to make them look like mummies

One of my first ever Halloween crafts was and still is very popular but what I love about it is that it's super cheap to make. Simply wrap bandages around glass jars and glue on googly eyes and you have Spooky Mummy Tealights!

A favourite of the boys in our house, these Eyeball Cakes are yummy and effective!

Cup cakes laid out on a board with orange sponge, black icing and an eyeball sweet on top of it

Easy to make and tasty too, a normal cake mix with a little colouring, icing and a bag of eyeball tweets goes along way

Another craft, this Pumpkin Picture and Bunting is one you can do with your mini crafters! 

Pumpkin print made with half an apple with a face and stork being drawn on

Let the little ones do the stamping and the big ones do the drawing and cutting out. Its a cute craft to give you homemade decorations. 

These Spooky Mummy Biscuits might be my favourite out of them all!

Gingerbread men decorated to look like mummies

These are again easy to make so the kids can get involved. All you need is a tub of ready made gingerbread men, white icing and a bag of chocolate chips. Great for a party!

Which of my Halloween posts is your favourite? Let me known in the comments!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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