Monday 22 October 2018

My Favourite Spooky TV Shows For Halloween

I love a bit of spooky viewing and as I've recently shared my favourite spooky movies I thought it was time to tell you about my favourite TV shows too! 

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Like my movie post before I've tried to share something for everyone!

For the kids!

It might contain some familiar spooky types but Vampirina is a cute and kid friendly TV show available on Disney Junior.

Cartoon vampire kid

Telling the story of Vampirina and her family as they move to a new town from Transylvania, it can give you Halloween vibes without the fright! It's a favourite in our house! 

For a different story with every season!

If you're someone that can get easily bored or get tired of shows having slumps in seasons then cast your eye over American Horror Story.

Odd text that reads 'American Horror Story'

Although American Horror Story has a selection of reoccuring cast members each season sees a new story, era and characters. My favourites are Murder House and Coven, and it just so happens that those two are returning and about to collide in the new series!

For the documentary lovers!

A classic and cult TV show in the UK, Most Haunted is a paranormal investigation series.

Red haired TV presenter with the text 'Most Haunted'

It's currently back on UK TV on Really and I'm currently binge watching the last season. Even if you're not a believer give it watch and see the amazing evidence they capture. It's also well worth a watch to see presenter Yvette Fielding regularly give her husband and crew a good ticking off!

For a good zombie apocalypse! 

I'm pretty sure most people will know of this one but I'm going to tell you all about it anyway as it's one of my faves!!

Picture of an apocalyptic land with zombies and the main characters in red with a Sheriff in the forefront

Like a lot of zombie TV shows and movies before it, The Walking Dead starts with Sheriff Rick Grimes waking up in an abandoned hospital only to discover a zombie apocalypse seems to be taking place. The show develops as Rick locates his family and groups together with other survivors but surviving the zombie apocalypse isn't easy and there's a lot of death and gore. You'll cry at some losses and cheer at others! 

For those that love vampires!

At the time of it's original airing True Blood was one of the biggest supernatural TV shows around.

Blonde lying down with blood tripping from her eye, with the next 'True Blood'

Based on the Louisiana set bestselling books, the story of Sookie Stackhouse did have a couple of odd episodes, well seasons, that seemed to knock it off course a little but if you like vampires and werewolves you will love it. 

What spooky and creepy shows do you like?? Let me know in the comments!

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