Thursday 18 October 2018

Halloween Spotters

Halloween and half term are just around the corner! So, if you're looking for something to do, this Halloween spotting activity is ideal!

Just like our Autumn, Spring and Summer spotting activities just keep an eye out for the things on the list and tick them as you go!



A selection of pumpkins in different shapes, colours and sizes, with a child's hand in the shot taking one

Can you spot pumpkins in the shops or carved outside someones house? Can you see orange, white and green ones?

People going to trick or treat

Lower halves of 4 people dressed in Halloween costume, going up a bath holding pumpkin style buckets

In costume and with buckets for their treats. Have you spotted people going trick or treating?

Halloween decorations

A house dressed up for Halloween with lights and skeletons

More and more houses are decorated for Halloween, can you spot any? Does it have a couple of pumpkins or lots of decorations?

Halloween food

Gingerbread men iced to look like mummies

Scary looking cakes, pumpkin pie and eyeball sweets, can you spot lots of Halloween food?

A full moon

Full moon with the outline of a tree in its forefront

Seeing a full moon can add to the spookiness of Halloween! Is it clear enough to spot a full moon?


Two children walking away along a path, with one wearing a red cape and a witches hat and one as a clown in a onesie

There's lots of different costumes around but can you spot a witch, a vampire, Frankstein, a clown, maybe even a pet in costume?

So, have you spotted them all??

Mummy Snowy Owl

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