Tuesday 30 October 2018

It's OK To Say No!

Collaborative Post

In the past I've shared my fertility and health troubles, and I've recently shared a guest post about Fibromyalgia too. Many of you have contacted me and said it's helped to explain to your family and friends how you feel and why some days are harder than others.

With this in mind I wanted to share another post before the Christmas rush, hustle and bustle start. I feel this is an important one and it's for everyone, not just those of us with chronic pain, Fibro etc. 

Whether you work full-time, part-time, are a stay at home parent, a full time carer, step parent or child free, this is important.

As we take a step nearer to Christmas and the craziness that surrounds it I say's OK to say no. 

Neon sign that says NO

Say no if it's going to cause you stress.

Say no if it's going to make you unhappy.

Say no if it's going to overstretch you financially.

Say no if it's a trigger for bad memories.

Say no if you don't have time.

Say no it's a place you don't like going to.

Say no if it's going to make you too tired to do other things (Fibro peeps I'm looking at you).

Say no if you just don't want to bloody do it!

And if people ask why you're saying no don't feel the need to explain yourself, fib, lie or come up with an elaborate story! A simple I can't or we're busy will do.

Pace yourself.

Only do what you want and what makes you happy.

If, after all of this you still feel that your struggling to balance things and are concerned you may need some extra support or advice, take a look here

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