Thursday 4 October 2018

Autumnal Activities

I don't know if it's the comedown of the long hot summer, or the excitement for Christmas but so many people seem to be excited about autumn.

Close up of autumn leaves on a tree

So, as the leaves turn and the sun lowers here are 5 autumnal activities for you to try.

Play conkers

Conkers and conker shells laying on the ground

Plenty of us have played conkers in our childhood so why not teach the kids! Just find a horse chestnut tree and you'll find plenty of conkers. Add string and you're ready to play.

Try autumn spotting

Hedgehog walking among the leaves

I wrote this spotting activity a couple of years ago and it's always popular this time of year! Why not give it a try! 

Leaf rubbing

Pile of orange and brown leaves on the ground

Our 4 year old recently spotted this on Cbeebies and wants to give it a try! Just collect up some leaves, lay paper over them and rub the area with a crayon.

Carve a pumpkin

Two carved pumpkins

The shops are already full of pumpkins and you can pick a good sized one for around £1.50. If you don't want to risk using a knife, special carving kits are also available and are usually plastic making them safer for you and little ones. You can also use the filling for a pie!

Paint with leaves

Child painting with leaves

Our little boy loved our painting with leaves craft and we'll definitely be doing it again. Simply pick up some leaves, tie them to a stick and paint away.

Enjoy the autumn!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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