Sunday, 14 October 2018

Door Furniture Direct


I love a good furniture project and since discovering a local shop stocked a well known chalk paint last year, we've given quite a few pieces of furniture makeovers!

Cabinets, chairs and dressing tables have all had a coat of paint. This time around we've painted our bedside tables.

White bedside drawers with a glass knob and a box of tissues, rose plant and alarm clock sitting on top of it

They've gone from a plain pine set of bedside drawers to this.

Bedside drawers with two glass knobs and one wooden

Giving them a lick of paint has really made a difference and to me that's the easy part. Especially as hubs has done a lot of the painting this time around! The part I always find a bit awkward, to the point I usually avoiding doing it, is changing the door or drawer knobs. 

Beside drawers showing all wooden knobs

The sites I've come across before have either had to little or too much choice, which doesn't help an indecisive person like myself! Then there's the measurements! Which part do they refer to? How far will they stick out? Can I figure it out?

This is one of the reasons that I like Door Furniture Direct.  The website is easy to negotiate and when making your choices it advises of the knob, rose, and projection, as well as the tools you will need! There's also measurements against some of the images.

Bedside drawers now showing the wooden knob has been changed to glass

They're also reasonable priced!

A couple of simple changes can make a big difference when making over furniture!

Beside drawers showing wooden handles

Beside drawers with glass knobs

Are you planning a furniture makeover? Let me know in the comments!

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