Sunday 28 October 2018

Our Homemade Halloween Costume

Regular readers will know that when it comes to costumes I often knock something up myself, especially for World Book Day.

For Halloween though, Joseph has had some awesome bought costumes that were a bargain find from one of his aunties. Picked up for a few pence he's been a cute spider and a scary skeleton! This time though I wanted to have an attempt at making him something.

A picture of cutting board with scissors, thread, tailors chalk, pins and a shirt and trousers laid out on it

After a scroll through Pinterest Joseph chose a wolf boy/werewolf. It looked easy to do, so I decided to give it a try.

I bought some furry fabric for a bargain of £2.00 for half a metre and set about making a tail and cutting out patches of fur. I sewed some around the cuffs and then onto the shirt, so it looked like it was bursting through.

Shirt with fur sewn around the cuffs

Tail sewn on to shirt

After the first attempt though I wasn't happy with the results and decided to try and cut a hole in the shirt and have the fur really poking through. This was a huge fail though! You could see the stitching and there were gaps, so I went back to sewing it on top of the shirt fabric but switched to a zigzag stitch, which was much more successful!

Shirt with fur sewn on to look like it's bursting through

Back of shirt with fur sewn on to look like it's bursting through

With a painted face and his wolfy shirt Joseph has his costume! 

Little red haired boy with his face painted to look like a wolf, whilst wearing the made shirt

Little boy dressed as a wolf

No, it's not as good as a shop bought one but with the fabric, thread and face paint it has cost less than £3.50 to make and it's made with a huge amount of love! 

Little boy dressed as a wolf

Wow, that was soppy!

Mummy Snowy Owl