Sunday 30 October 2016

Spooky Mummy Tealights

This will be the last of my Halloween crafts for the year and with that in mind I've made it quick and cheap!!

Completed candle holders

You will need

- A couple of empty glass jars
- PVA glue (£1.00 @Poundland)
- Paint brush
- Plate or bowl for the glue
- A bandage (20p @ Wilko)
- Scissors
- Wiggle eyes (£1.00 @ Wilko)

Equipment listed

First squeeze a small amount of PVA into the bowl and use the brush to paint some on to the glass jar.

Small jar containing PVA glue and a paint brush

Then take one end of the bandage and place it on to the glue, holding on for a short time to ensure it is stuck to the jar. 

Glass jar being painted with PVA

Bandage being wrapped around the jar

Wrap the bandage around the jar a few times, cutting off any of the remainder with the scissors when you're done. 

Jar wrapped in bandages

End of the bandage being glued down

Next, chose a pair of wiggle eyes and stick those to the wrapped jar.

Plastic googly eyes being glued

Three jars of different sizes, wrapped in bandages to look like mummy's

Add tea lights to the inside and you're done!!

The completed spooky mummy jars lit with tealights


Mummy Snowy Owl
Video of the candle holders with lit candles flickering inside them

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