Sunday 9 October 2016

The highs and lows of working part time

I'm one of the lucky mummies that since having my little one has been able to reduce my hours and work part-time. Don't get me wrong I'd much prefer to not work at all but that isn't financially viable for us at the moment and part of me, a very tiny, incredibly small part, likes to go to work now and again.

There's a lot of pros and cons with working part-time.

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Pro: You will love your non-working days. The days when it's all about you and your little ones. Getting things done and enjoy your time and life together. Whether it be a stroll round the park, meeting friends or baby yoga, what you do is up to you. 
Con: You might find yourself rushing around, trying to fit in as much as possible and not savouring your time with your little one.

Pro: You will be able to stay on top of things at home or at least attempt to on your non-working days
Con: On your working days your house will look like a child tornado has whipped through it repeatedly, because lets face it, nobody can be arsed to put the Lego away or put the vacuum round after a long day at work.

Pro: You might actually enjoy going to work! Maybe its the being able to pee in peace or being able to drink a whole cup of tea whilst its warm or it might just be that the mummy brain gets dialed down a notch and you get to actually use your brain. You know the bit that still works.
Con: You will have pangs of I don't want to be here, I want to be with my baby and there will be no fighting those feelings. Those days are the hardest.

Pro: If you're lucky enough to have a job share you'll also have another brain to hand. Someone with a different way of thinking and different ideas.You'll be able to bounce off each other and share information and knowledge.
Con: You will often be out of the loop. Whether it be people missing you off emails or colleagues getting you and your job share mixed up, even if you are nothing at all a like' you may find yourself left out of the information loop.

Pro: You'll have a few extra pounds coming in. Not as much as when you were full time but hey its coming in.
Con: By the time you've paid for childcare is there really that much more coming in??

If you're heading back to work after having a baby or a considering doing the full-time part-time switch or even vice versa, sit down, do the maths and have a good think. Part-time work is the stepping stone between a full time job and a stay at home mum. Whichever you decide often nothing makes up for the time without your little one.

Mummy Snowy Owl

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