Sunday 16 October 2016

Charity Spotlight - Heidi Luckraft / Dazzle

I first met Heidi a few years ago via Brownies. Working as a children's entertainer alongside her husband, she had been recommended to us by other groups as well as my sister in law. As a change to our usual Christmas party we made a booking and we weren't disappointed.

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From the moment you meet Heidi you are entertained. She is in character from the moment she steps out of the car and there are so many characters! When Heidi, also known as Dazzle, first entertained us it was during the High School Musical crazy and she wowed us as a clean cut american cheerleader, pompoms and all! We've also had a Christmas theme and of course, Frozen! Mr Dazzle accompanies her, also in full costume, as DJ extraordinaire!

They are an amazing, super friendly, warm couple and their smiles and love of fun sweep you up with them. If you go to a party or event and someone says "oh there's an amazing entertainer", the chances are its them!

So, what leads me to put Heidi in our charity spotlight? A person that is so happy and so healthy. Well, sadly Heidi isn't very healthy. She is in fact very poorly.

Bitten by a tick four years ago she has been battling a mystery illness. Continuing to push herself through the pain, Heidi has, until very recently, carried on entertaining. Even visiting sick children in hospital only to collapse from exhaustion afterwards.

The mystery illness has recently been diagnosed as Lyme Disease. Had Heidi's illness been identified and treated within 48 hours she would have made a full recovery. Sadly, she wasn't and the illness is now very much life threatening. The NHS can do little to help her apart from assist in managing the pain. Her chance of kicking this deliberating disease comes in the form of stem cell therapy. As there's no funding or Lyme Disease specialists in the UK her only option is to fly to the USA for the treatment. The cost is likely to be around the £60,000. 

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Heidi is an incredible woman and from what I am told an incredible friend and mother too. She has brought smiles to so many people. Now lets bring some to her and her family.

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I've donated and if you can please do by clicking here.

Mummy Snowy Owl

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