Monday 3 October 2016

Lakeland Maze Farm Park

Those of you that look at my Instagram will know that we have been away on holiday for the last week to the glorious, yet very wet, Lake District.

We've been out and about and visited lots of different places with the little dude in tow. The first, found after a basic 'things to do with kids in the lake district' google search, was the fab Lakeland Maze Farm Park.

Lakeland logo

Due to an explosive nappy and an upset toddler its nearly lunch time by the time we arrive, so we quickly pay our admission, which is £19.85 for the three of us (two adults and one concession) and look for somewhere to have our picnic lunch. There are tables inside and out, with some outside under cover. We pick one of the undercover areas but part of the time is spent restraining Joseph from running on to the track of the pedal go-karts and becomes a human skittle! Joy!

We head outside when we've done and have a stroll along the animal walk. Babs is fascinated by the donkeys but gets a little bit to close to the goats (and their teeth) for Mummy's liking!

Dad and toddler in a field, looking at a donkey

Next is the play area, which includes the usual slide and swings but also has large trampolines that are set in the ground. This makes it super easy for the little ones to get on and off them. Plus it means parents can have a sneaky go without flashing your backside to everyone when you get on!! 

There's also a barn full of vintage tractors, with stories of how each one is connect to the farms history. A large concreted area is full of ride on cars, tractors and bikes so the kids can have a whizz round. Another barn features a straw bale maze, which is great for smaller kids and helps give you an idea of whether or not they will like the larger maze or not. 

Smiling toddler on a toy tractor being pushed by his Daddy in a yard

Joseph was fine with it so we headed over to the larger maize one. There were two options. A short twenty minute maze or the larger option that took over an hour. 

Ariel photo of a maze

Funnily enough I didn't fancy being in a muddy maze with an excited toddler and his stressed Daddy, so we optioned for the short version. We were given a flag to wave in case of an emergency, which obviously Joseph took immediate charge of. Cue him dipping it in the mud and smearing my coat with it. There was a few jabs to my arse for good measure too! As part of the search in the maze you have to find as many beans as you can, stamping them in your little book/map that you are given on admission. Joseph loved looking for the stamps as we searched our way through the maze and mud. Daddy on the other hand didn't like the whole toddler/flag/mud/maze/child won't wear wellies situation. I, on the other hand quite enjoyed it, apart from the assault by flag.

Child in a maze next to a board with a hanging stamp

We also had a tractor ride, which Joseph LOVED and I have to admit it I quite liked it too. God, I really need to get out more!

Tractor pulling a trailer full of people

There's also a pet barn where the kids can hold rabbits and guinea pigs. Joseph didn't like this at all due to there also being some very noise birds, which didn't go quiet when he "ssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" them. 

We finished the day with a run round the soft play area and at the child's request I squeezed my flag poked arse down a slide with him on my knee, as it "toooo ark Mumma" for him to do it alone. Gold star Mummy, gold star!

Soft play

Lakeland Maze Farm Park is a really great day out for kids and is definitely worth a visit when it reopens in the Spring. 

Now for the important stuff. There's a good sized car park. Clean toilets and a baby changing area in the disabled loos. There's also a cafe, that has meals, snacks, ice creams and drinks.

A must visit!!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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