Tuesday 1 November 2016

Casemade iPhone cover


With Halloween done and dusted Christmas is just around the corner and our thoughts are starting to turn towards gifts.

Gift buying can be extremely stressful, especially for those that seem to have everything and buy the little things they want when they want them. For these difficult to buy for people I tend to learn towards getting them something useful. Something they can really make use of. So think about it. What does the person you're buying for use often? The thing they can't be without? The chances are its some sort of electronic device!

Could you maybe buy them a gift that works with that or even better, protects it? 

Casemad cover still in package laid out in a flat lay

What about a cover? There's loads of covers on the market, ranging from personalised to branded, leather to plastic. Over the last year I've bought two female family members pretty tablet covers but that's not really ideal if the person you're buying for isn't into Cath Kidston chintz.

What if you want a smart, leather, executive looking case? Well, look in the direction of Casemade. They offer a selection of leather cases for Samsung and Apple devices that are sleek and smart. Starting as low as £10.00 they are an ideal gift or stocking filler. What's even better is they offer free first class delivery for all UK customers and dispatch within 24 hours.

I was super impressed when I received the cover for my iPhone. It may have arrived in a jiffy bag but they are stylishly wrapped in tissue paper, which gives it an upmarket feel. 

Case in it's packaging   Case in its packaging 

The wallet style case features pockets for cards and there's space for folded bank notes too, which is ideal if you're trying to fit everything into a small bag.

Leather phone case laid out on tissue paperLeather phone case laid out on tissue paper

Its useful and it looks good but can it withstand a toddler test? Well, in the last few days my case (and phone) has been dropped, thrown, sneezed on, dipped in ice cream and subsequently licked!! Not that you'd know that as the case still looks brand new. 

So, if you're looking for a gift that's sleek, smart and won't break the budget have a look at Casemade. I'm seriously considering buying a couple more as gifts especially for those that are executives by day and parents by night!!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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