Tuesday 29 November 2016

PureChimp Matcha Green Tea


I've never been one for green tea. Plenty of people recommended it to me when I was trying to lose weight to enable us to have fertility treatment but I just couldn't stomach it. I don't like the smell or taste and I hate the stains it leaves in your mugs. So, when PureChimp offered me the opportunity to try theirs I thought I'd give them the chance to change my mind.

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PureChimp, founded in 2013, are the makers of 'Super Tea', Matcha Green Tea. Their products are 100% natural, their packaging is recyclable and they give 5% of their profits to charity. One serving of their green tea is the equivalent of 10 cups of standard green tea. Their green tea is a little different to the others as it's grown undercover for the last two weeks before its picked but is it really any different? 

Does it taste the same as the others? Did they change my opinion of green tea? My set in stone opinion and dislike for green tea. Well, yes somehow they have! 

First, I was surprised when it arrived in powder form in a resealable pouch and not the usual tea bags. Reading the pouch I found that not only can it be made into a drink with water and cordial but it can also be used in smoothies and baking, as well as the usual tea! Fab!

I've been making it into a long drink by adding half a teaspoon with water, cordial and frozen fruits. The first time I drank it I couldn't believe the taste. It's actually quite nice! No horrible stewed tea bag bitterness!

Bottle containing the green tea, next to the sachet   Green tea made up with water and cordial in a bottle

Now, I expected that the tea would be an antioxidant and would probably help me lose a few extra pounds but it has done much more than flush out my system. It has given me more energy and made me feel more alert. I am less bloated and my migraines, which make at least a twice weekly appearance, have pretty much gone. If I feel one coming I mix up a bottle of the tea and within the hour it has eased. I am more focused and I have found it reduces my stress levels when I'm at work. 

It sounds absurd that a simple drink can change your life. Some readers will already know that since having Joseph two and half years ago I've been diagnosed as having a serve vitamin D deficiency and due to a delay in diagnosis I now have an Osteo condition. This, along with possible Fibromyalgia, means I am often tired and achy and it can restrict what I do on a daily basis. PureChimp's Matcha Green Tea has really changed this for me. It's like a natural Red Bull and this 'Super Tea' has made me, well, a bit super. 

For more info and to see all the products PureChimp have to offer, click here

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