Tuesday 22 November 2016

Freshen Your Fabric


One of the key parts to living sustainably is to reuse, upcycle and have little waste, so when Dylon sent me a selection of dyes to try I wanted to use them to brighten something that I, and lots of other Mum's use regularly. Something that I couldn't be without. I thought about it and wandered round the house. 

My little boy is now two and a half years old, so the baby related items are slipping away and being put into storage but what are still used? What's still scattered around the house? Well, in nearly every room was a muslin, also know as a muggie. Whether it be mopping spills, wiping the kid or cleaning a graze, they are still used as much as they were when he was a baby.

As time goes on they can start to lose their white sparkle and look a bit dull but what can change that? Over the weekend I discovered that dying them can. 

Piles of tie-dyed muslins in purple, yellow and blue with matching coloured soft toys on top

I did three colours, French Lavender, Sunflower Yellow and Bahama Blue, and tried tie-dyeing and full colour, all whilst using my washing machine.  .The muggies are now bright and unique, plus they also stand out when you're rummaging in your change bag. 

I am super happy with the results.  It seems the gang are too.

If you want to freshen up your fabrics take a look at !

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