Monday 14 November 2016

Live Lagom - Tips and hints for the newbies!

When we were picked for the Ikea Live Lagom project last year I was super excited. Mostly I was excited about the money we were given to spend and the chance to save a few more quid! 

I didn't quite get the whole sustainable thing. What really is it? I recycled and went round turning lights off when the house looked like Blackpool Illuminations and at the time I was also upcycling baby food jars to make candles. Recycle, upcycle, turn off, what else could we really do?

Well, it turned out their was plenty. Changing bulbs, hanging curtains and laying rugs. Wasting less. Making do and mending.

The result is a warm home, lower bills and more money in our pockets. 

For this year's recruits joining our Live Lagom family I offer you a few tips and words of wisdom. 

Go to as many workshops as you can. You'll learn a lot from them, catch up with your group and get more freebies!

An Ikea blue bag full of small products
First workshop freebies!

Listen to your Ikea Leader/Mentor. The staff live and breath Ikea and have so much knowledge of the products, even down to what resources are used to make them and what waste there is in the process. They know their stuff so embrace their advice and suggestions!

A table full of Ikea products
A few of our amazing products that our mentor helped pick

Don't be afraid to ask questions and post to the Facebook group. The group is there for support, ideas and questions. No question is ever daft or silly. I got my electricity problem resolved thanks to the support and ideas of the group. I've expanded my blog with their encouragement. You are all in the same sustainable boat, so share, share and share some more!

Most of all enjoy it and embrace it. 

It might change your life. It's certainly changed ours.


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