Friday 25 November 2016

Charity Spotlight - Children in Distress

This month's Charity Spotlight is shining on Children in Distress

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I first heard about the charity via my friend and work colleague, Helen. Overhearing a conversation about making Christmas boxes and as I'm a nosey parker I asked her what she was talking about. I discovered that Helen and her family are big supporters of the charity and every year donate and collect shoe boxes full of Christmas goodies for children and the elderly in Romania, via the charity Children in Distress. 

The charity has supported and helped children that are ill, disabled and disadvantaged in the Balkans and Eastern Europe since the 1990's. Starting with aid, they have cared for children in Albania, Romania, Bosnia and many, many more. They now continue their work in Romania through their support and donations to hospices, day centres, schools and orphanages, with many being hugely reliant on the generosity and donations of others.

Last year when Helen told me about the charity and her involvement I wanted to help and with many people doing gifts for children, I decided to do two boxes for the elderly. This year I did four, with two boxes for 3 year old boys and two for the elderly. Making up a box doesn't have to be expensive. I have gradually picked things up through the year and even saved some toiletries I couldn't use due to allergies. What is unwanted or cheap to us may mean the world to them. 
A lady stood next to a large table that is covered in shoe box size Christmas gifts
(Picture credit - Children in Distress)
So, if you receive a few unwanted toiletries, socks or woolies this Christmas, consider putting them away for Children in Distress next year. Got some wool and a love of knitting but already kitted out your family and friends? Knit for the children and the elderly and pass them to Children in Distress. Old toys in the way and looking tired? Spruce them up and pass them on to the charity. They even take soft toys, where many charities don't. I've just passed on two bags of toys from my childhood to my friend Helen and I'm so happy they are going to be loved again by those in need. It's also much more sustainable than putting them in the bin and then heading to the landfill!! 

Large full bin liners, tired up and labelled TOYS

Something we no longer want or need may mean the world to somebody, especially a child, that's not as lucky as us.

For more information on Children in Distress and to find out how you can help, click here

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