Sunday 6 November 2016

Might not have, must haves!

When you know you're expecting it's easy to get swept up in the must haves, needs and wants when deciding what to buy. There are some things that may not be the top of your list or you may not have thought off.

There were a few things I hadn't had on my list but looking back I wouldn't have been without them.

Here's my top five might not have must haves!!

1. A shaped baby bath
Acqua Bambino Two Stage Bath  - Pearl White

I pretty sure you're reading this thinking I know I need a baby bath you daft woman BUT have you considered a shaped one. I got mine as part of my Secret Santa gift from a work colleague the Christmas before I had Joseph. As Secret Santa gifts go it was pretty unique and I'm still not sure how she wrapped it! The bath is raised up in the middle keeping baby comfortably above the water and freeing up your hands.

2. Metanium Nappy Rash Cream
Metanium Nappy Cream

No doubt you've bought a tub of Sudocrem or got it on your list but what if it doesn't work? What if you need something a bit stronger? You'll need the Metanium cream. I was given some by one of my closest friends and thought how odd but it has rescued many sore baby bottoms here, especially when he's been teething!!

3. Infacol
Infacol Colic Medicine
Now, I did buy this before I had Joseph as I knew my sister had sworn by it when she had her twins but I know many new Mums don't have it on their list. It's something they'll pick up when they need it but trust me, when you have a newborn with colic you don't want to be venturing out to the shops to buy it! A few drops can really help with a colicky newborn.

4. Travel cot

Redhead baby boy peeking over a travel cot

Travelling or leaving your baby overnight is not top of the list when you first have a baby so do you really need a travel cot? My answer would be yes. Imagine you've gone to your parents/in-laws/siblings/friends for a Sunday roast. Where is your tiny bundle of joy? In his car seat a sleep? Nope, there's a risk of SIDS. On the sofa? Nope, he might roll off. In your arms? Probably, with a chance of an odd bit of Yorkshire pud or apple crumble on his head. Been there, done that, dusted the crumbs on his head. This is where an easy to put up and down travel cot comes in. It's also ideal to have set up in your living room if there's space, especially once their on the move!! It can give you a safe spare moment to have a wee or put some washing in. 

     Redhead boy standing in a travel cot

5. Glider

newborn baby in a gliding chair

I've already mentioned this in the blog I did about hand me downs as we were incredibly lucky to be given one by a friend. It wasn't something I'd considered. I thought they were expensive and wasn't sure if my then bump would like it but along he came and he LOVED it!! Suffering from colic and wanting to sleep in our arms the glider was very cosy and it really settled him.

So, when writing your list of what you want and need ask your friends and family what were there must haves you might be surprised!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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