Recycle Upcycle Christmas Cards - Window Scene Cards

Today brings our second Christmas card craft and its making a new set of Christmas cards from your existing ones. If you read my previous post you'll remember I suggested splitting the cards into piles and that one should be of cards that make good window scenes. 

For this craft you will need

  • Your pile of good scene cards
  • A pack of cards and envelopes (£1.00 for a pack of 10 @ Poundland)
  • Coloured A4 Card (£1.00 for a pack @ Wilko and Poundland)
  • Glue stick (50p @ Wilko)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

Start by lining up your window card next to the card you are using.

Using the ruler and pencil draw a line where you need to cut the card. There'll need to be a gap between the cards all the way round. 

Cut the card along your line.

Check the sizing and layout against your card. 

Don't glue it just yet though! Lay your picture on your A4 piece of card, leave a similar sized gap around the edges and draw around it.


Next, using your ruler draw a box around 1cm inside the line of your template.


If needed complete the other sides of the box as per the picture below.

Cut out along the outline and then the cut out the smaller centre square. 

Lay both the scene and the boarder out on your card to check you are happy with the size. If you are glue it down.


If you want to do a design with the frame running down the middle, do the same as the above but draw a 1cm cross down the middle of your card. 

Cut out and glue as before.

That's it your done! This a great little craft for kids or adults. Not only does it reuse the cards you've received but it also saves you a few quid next year. There's the add bonus of some quiet time if the kids make them!



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