Tuesday 10 March 2020

5 Crafty Things You Can Do To Upcycle Or Recycle Glass Jars

As part of my Making A Sustainable Change posts, I recently wrote about glass jars and what you can do to help make a difference to the environment and how to correctly recycle them. Glass jars can easily be upcycled and reused, so as part of the last post I thought I'd give you a couple of ideas for if you want to join the upcycling and reusing club!

Empty class jar filled with water and flower cuttings

Make Jam

Jam, oh how we love it in our house! On toast, in porridge, in a sandwich, as cake filling, there's a whole lot to be done with something so sweet and simple. So, why not make your own!! Give your jar and lid a wash and sterlise with boiling water, ready for your own jam creation. Need to find a recipe? Don't worry! Try these yummy creations; Strawberry and Black Pepper Jam by Mummy Matters, Easy Damson Jam by Lisa's Notebook and this Plum and Amaretto Jam by Attachment Mummy.   

Make Tealight Holders 

A quick search of Pinterest will bring you a whole load of ideas and I've done quite a few of them!! I've made both Autumn and Winter themed ones, with the latter featuring in Be Kind, a sustainable living magazine. We also made Halloween ones, which we get out every year!! 

Dress Your Wedding

They are so many different things you can do with jars and lots of people use them for wedding decor. Whether it's for wedding favours, sweet treats or as vases, glass jars can be upcycle and recycled in lots of ways when it comes to weddings! Over at Home Family Life, they upcycled jars in various ways and continue to use them around their home! I love the idea of using them afterwards around your house, as you'll have lots of reminders of your special day scattered around your home.

Wedding table setting with a wooden board, topped with an empty jar full of fresh flowers, next to a bottle of wine

Make Something Yummy

I keep a couple of big jars handy for sweet treats! Fill them up with sweets for parties or make these super sweet Unicorn Sundaes!! What I like about using them for puddings is that you can layer something up like an ice cream or dessert and it looks great presentation wise.


Paint brushes, pencils, crayons, felt tips, ribbon, cotton, you name it, I've probably got it stored in a glass jar! They're easy to clean, look nice and they go with any type of colour scheme! You can obviously label them too if you fancy!

So, now you've got 5 crafty things you can do to upcycle or reuse glass jars, what are you going to craft??

Mummy Snowy Owl

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