Thursday 5 March 2020

6 Lego Essentials For When Your Kids Love Lego

So, your kids love Lego! Great!! It's a toy that encourages creativity and imagination, plus if your kids can play independently you might find that they'll happily play with Lego for hours on end.

Our son became a fan of Lego during the Duplo and toddler days. He would build all manner of different things and when the time came for him to move onto to Lego, his creativity and imagination just grew and grew.

Now 5, he continues to be a huge fan of Lego. We've been incredible lucky to have been handed down a huge stack of Lego and we've bought a few extra sets along the way, mostly superhero themed!!

But, with so much in our house we've learnt there's a few items that are essential if you're kids love Lego!

Pile of Lego mini figure heads, all with different expressions

Good Storage

Let's be honest, Lego gets bloody everywhere! Keeping it neat and tidy is a key essential when your kids love Lego. It'll also help your sanity! There's tonnes of ways to store Lego, but we personally love a Lego bag! It's big enough for kids to play on and store the Lego in. Just pull the string to tidy up! 


Having a variety of Lego will mean there's a piece for every kind of build. Small pieces, big pieces, different colours, wheels, base plates and a selection of mini-figures will give you plenty of choice to build and create lots of different things.

Lego Books

If your kids sometimes get stuck for ideas when it comes to Lego, a good book might be the way to spur them on. We've got 365 Things To Do With Lego Bricks, which is packed with ideas. Even our super imaginative little boy can struggle with ideas and a quick flick through the book always fills him full of ideas.

Themed Sets

There's much more to Lego than just the standard pieces and mini-figures! There's also a variety of different sets available, with something for everyone. Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars and Marvel all offer great Lego sets. When our little boy battled Chickenpox last year, these sets got us through the days!! The Hulkbuster especially!!


So, they've got their themed sets and probably put them in pride of place somewhere and then a few weeks or months down the line they decide to take the set apart and rebuild it!! But where are the instructions?? With the set all built you may have thrown those all important instructions away! Don't do it! Keep them safe! Because if I've learnt anything with a Lego fan in the house, it's that they will dismantle those amazingly built sets for a bit of remodeling and then want it back the way it was a few days later, so keep those instructions!

Laundry Bag

If you've not read my Lego cleaning post saying you might need a laundry bag might seem a bit random, but Lego can be a germ magnet. It gets sneezed on, coughed over and can just get a bit grubby. Laundry bags, like you use for delicates, will make washing you Lego in the washing machine super easy.

Hopefully, these 6 Lego essentials will help you keep things neat and tidy, as well as help keep the kids entertained.

Mummy Snowy Owl

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