Thursday 19 March 2020

Why I'm Going To Stick To A Routine Whilst Homeschooling

The news is out and so is school!! From now until who knows when school is cancelled and with support from teachers and a host of online resources we will now be homeschooling for the foreseeable future. 

Lots of people have been sharing what their approach will be, with many saying they will hold off for a few weeks and think about school later. My approach will be a little different though. This was probably clear from the night that the announcement of the school closure came through. With others chatting online about it, I was already in Poundland buying more crayons, paper and workbooks, ready for the challenge. 

A few people have asked why I'm sticking to a routine whilst homeschooling and not taking a do maths in your PJs, try phonics if you can be bothered or wait a while approach, so I wanted to share why I'm going to stick to a routine whilst homeschooling. 

Above short of all different colouring pens in jars.

We're A Bunch Of Lazy Bones

People that know us personally won't be overly shocked by this, but we love a good lie in. We are blessed with a child, who just like his parents, likes a good sleep. This is all well and good at the weekends and during the holidays but when there's school work to be done and focus needed, I'm aiming to have us up and ready for a set time. We're a family that needs routine otherwise we waste the day away. 

It's A Good Distraction

There's a lot on the news about what's going on at the moment and our son has heard us talk about it, he's overheard conversations on the phone and FaceTime between friends and family members and he's also had school friends tell him there's a nasty bug that kills all the grannies!! I've decided at this point that we need to cut down a little on the conversations and have the TV on a little less. Keeping in a routine and carrying on with school work is a good distraction.

We're Keeping On Track With School

I've been quite open on social media about our son's struggles with parts of his schooling. As a family, and along with his teachers, we have worked hard to help him reach where he is today. At his parent's evening in February we were thrilled when his teacher told us he had reached the targets they had set him for the school year already. He has worked incredible hard, but with that in mind I don't want him to slip back again. Even after short breaks like Christmas and half terms, where we are a little bit more laid back about his reading, I can see that he's a out of practice. So, my hope is that keeping up with school work from the start will keep him on track for whenever school returns. 

Nobody knows when school will start back but for the moment I'm hoping that sticking with a routine whilst homeschooling will help keep our son's education on track, keeps us busy and maybe a little distracted from the outside world and stop us being lazy!!

Let's see how it goes!

Mummy Snowy Owl


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