Tuesday 24 March 2020

44 Cats - Toys To Rock Out To!!

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Just before Christmas we shared our review of a brand new kids TV show, 44 Cats. At the time it was a bit of light relief from all things Christmassy and a change from Scooby Doo!! But we've continued to watch and enjoy the adventures of Lampo, Milady, Meatball and Pilou since and I'm excited to share that there's now 44 Cats toys too!!!

Image showing the 4 cat cartoon characters

Available to watch on Pop! and Nick Jnr, 44 Cats shows the cool and cute characters working together, being good friends and showing kindness to each other and others. Each character is unique, plus there's some great tunes with the 44 Cats band too!!

We were super excited when we offered the chance to try the brand new 44 Cats toys and they have certainly been well played with during our now long period of time at home!!

Cat toys in their packaging

We were sent Lampo, lead singer of the 44 Cats band, The Buffycats, and his friend, Gas. Aged for 3+, I found the figures were the perfect size for our 5 year old son's small hands. Even the packaging was easy enough for him to open himself and it didn't have any of those irritating plastic or wire ties! 

Close up of character Gas in its packaging

Close up of Lampo in its packaging

Close up of a childs hands opening the box

Child's hands holding the Lampo character

The accessories that come with each character are perfect for their personalities and what you see on the TV series. Gas hates water and is a bit stinky, so he comes with a bath!! 

Gas character sitting in his bath accessory

Lampo, super cool leader of The Buffycats, and our son's favourite, comes with a microphone and guitar! Perfect to rock out too!!

Lampo character holding his guitar and standing next to the mic stand

Starting at £7.99 these cute 44 Cats toys are great for fans of the show and as birthday gifts, especially if you try and keep things under the £10 mark! To see more of the range, along with more 44 Cats toys have a browse on Amazon here.

Now, we're off to rock out with The Buffycats!

Close up of a child's hands holding and playing with the figures

Mummy Snowy Owl

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